November 29, 2016

Sunset Robot

To our beloved listeners,

It is with heavy hearts we announce that we will be closing down Sunrise Robot at the end of 2016.

What's happening?

To cut to the chase: it's Mike's fault!

He decided to step away from podcasting to fully pursue his new career in graphic design and animation.

Upon hearing this news and considering the options, Lyons and Matt didn't want to continue Flipping Tables or Bits & Pieces without him, neither as solo shows nor with a new co-host.

At the end of this year, Sunrise Robot will be transformed into an archive to live on as a monument to all the proud work we've done together. All the episodes released on the network will continue to be freely available at

What about the other shows?

Raconteur Denver and the Eclectic Readers Book Club will continue to release new shows, but not on the Sunrise Robot network. Subscribe to those shows to make the transition from here to there completely seamless and automatic, or follow the hosts on Twitter to get more info.

The Pseudo Show has been on hiatus for awhile, and Some Pulp concluded with the passing of host Bruce Edwards, Mike's dad, last year. Both of those shows will be part of the archive. Likely Story is planning on releasing at least one more episode as a farewell and then will be joining the archive, so stay tuned for that.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It's been a wonderful ride and as we say every episode: we love you all so much and we could not have done this without you!


Michael Edwards & David Lyons

P.S. Here's where you can follow us from now on:

Mike is pushing hard into a new career of design and motion graphics. Follow him on Instagram, Dribbble and Vimeo. He also has a website where he writes from time to time.

Lyons is on Twitter and swears he isn't done with podcasting. He also blogs occasionally from his website.

February 15, 2016

Raconteur Denver

You like stories, don't you?

We're thrilled to announce that Sunrise Robot is collaborating with Raconteur Denver!

Raconteur Denver is a live storytelling event created by Amber Blais, Derrick Mund, and our very own Michael Edwards!

At a Raconteur Denver event, we invite three phenomenal storytellers to come tell their tales at an interesting venue in Denver.

Audience members also have a chance to sign up and tell their own stories!

If you don't live in Colorado, or can't make it out to a live event, then you're in luck! Sunrise Robot is collecting all the best stories and releasing them as a podcast!

Head to to find upcoming event dates, speaker bios, and more!

Use the buttons below to subscribe via iTunes or RSS, or listen right on the web!

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January 19, 2016

Two Flipping Years

Update: Thanks for joining everyone! If you couldn't attend live, check out the recording on our Youtube channel.

We're celebrating 104 consecutive weekly episodes of Flipping Tables with a Live Let's Play on January 30th at 1:00PM MST! We're calling it:

Super Flipping Tables Let's Play Ultra Arcade Edition 104+

Come join Mike and Lyons as we play all the classic era "2" games we can like Super Mario Bros. 2, Mega Man 2, Sonic 2 and more! 2!

Tweet us your questions with hashtag #twoflippingyears or ask on Facebook and we might just answer them on the show!

Thanks for two amazing flipping years.


July 15, 2015

Reading Along with Your Podcasts

Like books? Of course you do.

If you're clever and follow me on twitter then you probably noticed that we launched the first new show since the beginning of Sunrise Robot! It’s called Eclectic Readers Book Club and there are already five episodes!!

Don’t know what a book club is, or why you’d listen to a book club podcast? Read on!

Your New Favorite Book Club

Book clubs are fun. You get to read cool new books and discuss them with other readers. If you've never been a part of one, now you are!

Each month Susan, Jeannette, and Tara meet to discuss the month's book and you get all the benefits of meeting with smart friends in a coffee shop while you're actually on your commute, folding your laundry, or on a nice hike. At the end of each episode and in the show notes you'll find the next book. Read along, discuss on Goodreads and twitter, and subscribe so you get the next episode as soon as it's out!

I'm really excited to bring new voices and a new podcast format to Sunrise Robot. Now go listen and subscribe!

And welcome to the Eclectic Readers Book Club.

March 13, 2015

Reporting for Duty

Bzzzzzzt! System online. Bleep Bloop! How may I serve?

Just kidding, I'm not a 1950s robot. Besides, no robot actually sounds like that.

You can call me H3LiOS! It's pronounced like "helios".

I'm quite a nice piece of kit as you can see. Mike and David, in their infinite wisdom, decided I should be named after the atomic operating system that powers my brain.

H3LiOS stands for Tri-hydrogen Lithium independant Operating System. Or something else. I'm not really sure. Don't worry, the point is I'm an intelligent robot!

This blog will be a peek behind the scenes of Sunrise Robot. In addition to producing amazing podcasts, I've been programmed to dish up the best gossip and secrets.

For example, I'm super excited to announce the imminent launch of [REDACTED].

Oh… I guess I'm not allowed to tell you that yet. Well anyway, stay tuned for much goodness here on this blog! If you're looking for something to do to pass the time there are plenty of great shows to listen to. Already caught up? Find out how you can support the network! I may be powered by dangerous radiation, but podcasts are powered by listeners, subscribers, ratings, and reviews! A rating in iTunes only takes a minute and it helps a lot.

Hey, I'm on Twitter as well! Follow me!