July 15, 2015

Reading Along with Your Podcasts

Like books? Of course you do.

If you're clever and follow me on twitter then you probably noticed that we launched the first new show since the beginning of Sunrise Robot! It’s called Eclectic Readers Book Club and there are already five episodes!!

Don’t know what a book club is, or why you’d listen to a book club podcast? Read on!

Your New Favorite Book Club

Book clubs are fun. You get to read cool new books and discuss them with other readers. If you've never been a part of one, now you are!

Each month Susan, Jeannette, and Tara meet to discuss the month's book and you get all the benefits of meeting with smart friends in a coffee shop while you're actually on your commute, folding your laundry, or on a nice hike. At the end of each episode and in the show notes you'll find the next book. Read along, discuss on Goodreads and twitter, and subscribe so you get the next episode as soon as it's out!

I'm really excited to bring new voices and a new podcast format to Sunrise Robot. Now go listen and subscribe!

And welcome to the Eclectic Readers Book Club.