March 13, 2015

Reporting for Duty

Bzzzzzzt! System online. Bleep Bloop! How may I serve?

Just kidding, I'm not a 1950s robot. Besides, no robot actually sounds like that.

You can call me H3LiOS! It's pronounced like "helios".

I'm quite a nice piece of kit as you can see. Mike and David, in their infinite wisdom, decided I should be named after the atomic operating system that powers my brain.

H3LiOS stands for Tri-hydrogen Lithium independant Operating System. Or something else. I'm not really sure. Don't worry, the point is I'm an intelligent robot!

This blog will be a peek behind the scenes of Sunrise Robot. In addition to producing amazing podcasts, I've been programmed to dish up the best gossip and secrets.

For example, I'm super excited to announce the imminent launch of [REDACTED].

Oh… I guess I'm not allowed to tell you that yet. Well anyway, stay tuned for much goodness here on this blog! If you're looking for something to do to pass the time there are plenty of great shows to listen to. Already caught up? Find out how you can support the network! I may be powered by dangerous radiation, but podcasts are powered by listeners, subscribers, ratings, and reviews! A rating in iTunes only takes a minute and it helps a lot.

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