We're Michael Edwards & David Lyons and we created Sunrise Robot.

In early 2014, we started a podcast called Flipping Tables. Every week we released a new episode through sickness, blizzards, and whatever else life sent our way. After nearly a year of non-stop episodes, we realized this was no longer just a hobby, but something we wanted to grow beyond one show. With Michael's killer designs and Lyons hacking away in vim we built a sleek website and launched Sunrise Robot as a whole network of shows for technologists, gamers, artists and cultural enthusiasts.

This has been a labor of love, but keeping the network going does generate some infrastructure costs. All our shows will always be free, but with your support we can cover those costs, invest in equipment to make our shows sound even better, and launch new shows.

Flipping Tables was a success because of you, and with your support we can make Sunrise Robot an even greater success.

UPDATE: Sunrise Robot is no longer actively releasing new episodes. This site lives on as an archive of all our shows. Thank you all for your support during the life of the network!

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Our Awesome Patrons

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  • Cliff Lyons
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